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Get around Bamberg

From the Airport

Bamberg is easily reachable by public transport, car or taxi from multiple airports within one to three hours. The closest airports are Nuremberg Airport, Munich Airport and Frankfurt Airport.

Public Transit

From the train station and within the city, it is easy to use public transport like the bus or a taxi. A lot of sites and locations are also in walking distance of the conference location and hotels.

Conference Hotel

The conference will take place at the Welcome Congress Hotel Bamberg. Use this link or mention the promo code SOSE18a during booking. Book now with conference rate!

Travelling to Bamberg

Travel by plane:

While Bamberg itself does not have an airport, there are three airports around Bamberg that can be reached within three hours.

The closest airport is Nürnberg/Nuremberg.
If you arrive at Nuremberg, you can easily take the underground and the train to Bamberg.
Upon arrival, you need to look for the U-Bahn, the Nuremberg underground. On a workday, trains leave approximately every 10 mins and you need to take a train to Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof (main train station). There, you take any regional train to Bamberg.
Tickets for going to Bamberg can already be purchased at Nurembger airport. At the ticket machines provided by VAG or VGN you can get a ticket to Bamberg and need not buy another one at the main train station. Please note that with such a ticket, you can only use regional trains, no IC or ICE trains. Since the public busses are also operated by this company, you can even get a ticket to the bus stop closest to your hotel and get the ticket already at Nuremberg airport. Please check their website for more information.
In total, you will take approx. 90 mins to get to Bamberg from Nuremberg airport.


The second closest airport is Frankfurt am Main.
If you arrive at Frankfurt, depending on the terminal you arrive at, you need to find the train station "Frankfurt Flughafen", which is serviced by Deutsche Bahn (DB). When you get there, you can take get your ticket for the entire journey from the ticket machines operated by DB or from their website via smartphone app.
Attention: Although the fastest connection from Frankfurt to Bamberg would be via Würzburg, there are railway maintenance works during the week of the conference on this route. The recommended way to get from Frankfurt to Bamberg is therefore via Nuremberg. Depending on your connection, you either get a train from the airport to Nuremberg or you need to change again at Frankfurt main train station. At Nuremberg, you will then take a regional train to Bamberg.
Depending on whether or not you have to change at Frankfurt main train station, the journey to Bamberg takes a little more than 3h.


The third closest airport is München/Munich.
If you arrive at Munich, you need to take an S-Bahn first to get to Munich main train station. The S-Bahn stop at Munich airport is located in front of the terminals (ca. 5 mins on foot). Trains go approximately every 15 mins. When you arrive at München Hauptbahnhof (main train station), you can either take a direct train to Bamberg or you need to change at Nuremberg, depending on the connection.
Ticktes for going to Bamberg can already be purchased at Munich ariport. At the ticket machines provided by DB (Deutsche Bahn) you can get a ticket for the entire journey.
Depending on the train connection at Munich main train station, you will take between 2h 45mins and 3h 30mins to get to Bamberg from Munich airport.


Travel by train:

To get to Bamberg by train, travellers often have to change either at Würzburg (Attention: During the week of the conference, there are railway maintenance works on the route from Würzburg to Bamberg) or at Nuremberg and take the last hour of their journey on a regional train. To plan your journey by train, please check the website of the German rail company, Deutsche Bahn. Once you arrive at Bamberg train station, you can either walk to your hotel or take a taxi or take one of the public busses operated by VAG/VGN.
The bus station closest to the conference hotel is "Konzerthalle", reachable with bus number 906. Please check their website to find out more about bus connections.


Travel by car:

If you travel by car coming from the north or the south, you need to follow the autobahn A73 and leave at exit "Bamberg Ost". If you travel from the east or the west, please follow autobahn A70 and leave at exit "Bamberg".
There is a garage right next to the conference hotel.


Busses in Bamberg:

To travel around in Bamberg, you can either buy day tickets or tickets for individual journeys. The website of the bus company in Bamberg (VAG) helps you plan your journey from one point to another. You could also take a bus tour of Bamberg with bus number 910 (website in German only).

Taken from Chair for English Literature Studies, University of Bamberg